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Dec 2009 Winter is Coming, The Sign of Jonah for this Day The Lord has completely fulfilled the Sign of Jonah for this Day and The Lord has testified that His Judgment Decrees have been passed out, and that He has now taken His Peace away from all those who have not set themselves apart from the world by His Words - His Truth. The Lrod has made known that the Compelling Judgment that is especially a punishment on the lukewarm is now coming suddenly like a great Tsunami of terrible troubles. The Lord says everyone will tremble and come to great fear, and many will die; but the Lord says those who will turn and fear Him, and who will not the Harlot and this 5th Beast Kingdom, shall be restored to be of the Elect and He will save them. In Matthew 24 the Lord warns that the coming Great Tribulation of His Evening is the worst that will ever be in all history, and if the people do not turn and call upon Him that there will scarcely be any people left on earth. This is not the Time of the Antichrist, but rather it is the Time of the 5th Beast Kingdom of Revelation 17 and 18. The Lord says that pray that your flight from the terrors is not in the Winter or on His Sabbath. The time of the Winter has already come true. He says do not take anything in your house, your religious worship, for nothing you have now will save you. You need the new wine that is Holy. He reveals you must not dare to mix the old with the new; for He will not hear your cries in the midst of these troubles. This book reveals to the people what the Bible says they must do to overcome this terrible Great Tribulation that is now coming. Special Request
Nov 2009 It is the Time, Discerning the Almond Tree This book reviews the mystery of the Almond Tree and the Golden Lampstand from the time of Jacob until now. The Lord has made known His Almond Branch and it means that it is time to come out from Babylon, repent, and to do those things that bring forth His Kingdom; for the Lord is ready to perform His Word and this is the Appointed Time. The Lord showed the prophet Jeremiah the Almond Branch, and He told him that it means that He is ready to perform His Word. Jeremiah has faithfully made known for us of this Day exactly how we are to enable the Lord to crush Satan, as well as his earthly sons and servants. It is time to enable the Lord to fight the Good Fight of Faith for us, and to bring forth His Kingdom of God on the earth the same as it is kept by all those who are in the Kingdom of Heaven. Special Request
Sept 2009 Discerning the Beast This book reviews the Beasts of Satan's Kingdom as they are made known in Revelation chapters 13, 17, and that are also revealed in Daniel chapters 7-9. This book has a thorough review of the Beast from the Scriptures, and it makes known the 5th Beast Kingdom that rule over the earth at this Time and that it is the Beast Kingdom that the Lord has risen up to now bring to its end. The book reveals why we have created the Beast, and why this 5th head of the Beast is so very dangerous that the Lord must mortally wound it to bring forth His Kingdom that will not be left behind for others. This book reveals the Beast and reveals from the Scriptures how the Lord has directed us to overcome this Beast. Special Request
June 2009 The Fall of Babylon is at Hand This book reveals from the Scriptures why the New World Government that is now being put into place is the 5th Beast Kingdom of Satan, and it is the Kingdom that the Lord makes known in Isaiah 21 and in Revelation 18 that this New World Government will fall before the Midnight of His Day, for its Judgment decree was issued in July 2009, and that the Lord would cause its fall to be certain from October 2009 because the would establish His Kingdom in October 2009. From that date the Fall of Babylon is certain and its fall is unchangeable. Taylor reveals the Scriptures that make known this 5th Beast Kingdom and exactly why and how the Lord reveals it is going to be caused to fall. Taylor also reveals activities of this New World Government so that you can understand the Way that the Lord foretold of this Government from the Scriptures, and why it is the Babylon of Revelation 18. Taylor reveals the identity of the harlot that is riding and guiding this Great Beast. Taylor reveals what are the Good things the Lord has told us to do in this Day to overcome Satan's Kingdom, as well as the simple things to do to enable the Lord to bring forth His Kingdom. Special Request
Feb 2009 An Introuction to the Pure Language of Our Holy God This is a critically important book for everyone on earth. This book is clearly written by revelation given from the Lord, and this knowledge is given because it is the Appointed Time that was known only by the Father. It is knowledge that Jesus was given to make known. It is the authority of work that the Father gave only to Jesus Christ to bring forth and make known. It was foretold in Isaiah 41 that in this Day the Father would cause one from the world to turn, repent, and look to the Christ who is with Him in Heaven. Then the Lord would pour out upon this servant His instruction of His Pure Words, and He would cause him to learn His Pure Language, then He would have this servant testify of His Words to the world so that people will believe His Words and turn to seek Jesus Christ for instruction and the Good News of His Kingdom and the knowledge of the Ways of enabling the Good Works given by the Father through Him. This knowledge His Pure Language of His Truth, of His Words, has been lost since the Time of the Apostles. Only the Lord has the Key of David that can open this knowledge of His Words and the understanding of how to speak to the Lord with the knowledge of His Words, and to communicate to God through the doing of the Ways of His Words in His Pure Language as it is spoken and done by all those who are of the Kingdom of Heaven. The writing of this book fulfilled a Promise of God that made known that His Pure Language was coming. In Zephaniah 3:8-9 the Lord revealed that He was going to separate all the nations, all the multitudes, into His two of sheep and goats. Then He is going to pour out His fiery anger on the goats and the complacent sheep who would not obey to set themselves apart by His Truth that is the Words of God. Then the Lord is going to send the terrible Compelling Event that will shake His Elect from out of all the highways and hedges; and He will cause them to turn back to Him, to repent, to be changed to speak His Pure Language so that they understand how to call upon His Name with the one shoulder. The one shoulder is His yoke of Good that comes through the burden of Light. His Light comes from the entrance of His Words. And the understanding to change comes from the entrance of His Words. The Compelling Event is the Great Tribulation of Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 50, and it will cause all the people to tremble. The Lord gave His first two invitations to His invited guests to come to His Great Supper and eat of the bread of instruction to learn of the meat of His Words. The first invitation ended in April 2007, and the second invitation ended in April 2009. Now we are in the last and compelling invitation and it will end this April. Thus, the compelling event is now upon us. It is time to learn the Pure Language by your willingness to obey and from your love of God. Or, you can refuse, and He will force you to learn of His Pure Language, from the Father's punishment upon the disobedient, per Deut. 18:18-19, John 8:47, Heb. 10:25-31. Available
Jan 2009 Judgment Has Come Like Light This Writing reviews from the Scriptures each of the Lord's teachings on the Judgments and reviews the timing and make-up of Satan's Beast Kingdoms of these last days. This books makes know from the Scriptures the Day of the Lord, the timing of the New Covenant and the Kingdom of God, as well as the times of the events of the Day of the Lord that the Father has now revealed and made known from within the Scriptures through the opening of His Words. A draft of this book was shown to many, but it remains unfinished and part of this material and research was used in the writing of the book the Fall of Babylon is at Hand. Not finished
Sept 2008 TIME EXPIRED, The Biggest Moment in History This Writing is an eye-opening revelation of the status of the people in all the world today who are walking blind and unaware that they are living at the very time of the Midnight Separation Judgment that the Lord warned us of within the Scriptures. It is the biggest moment in history, for it is that moment when the Lord will rise up and gather all the nations before Him and the people set apart as being either of the unworthy (goats or tares) or worthy (sheep or wheat). This Writing “TIME EXPIRED” is a sequel to Floyd Taylor’s Writing “This Time of Gabriel’s Warning!”. Special Request
Aug 2008 Naked on a Cross? This Writing reviews from the Scriptures each of the Lord's great Parables of the Last Day that He spoke while He walked on the Earth and makes know why they pointed to these Days that we are now living. A draft of this book was shown to many, but it remains unfinished and part of this material and research was used in the writing of the book the Fall of Babylon is at Hand. Not finished
May 2008 The Time of Gabriel's Warning Has Come! In the days of Daniel the Archangel Gabriel gave to us a warning that in this Appointed Time of the Day of the Lord, that the vision of the Evenings and the Mornings would be True. That is a very important Warning that made known the Appointed Time of our Judgments had come upon us. This was a book that marked the beginning of the Lord's judging of His people in this Day of the Lord. It was a calling to hear His Words and come out of Babylon or you will likely perish with her by before the Midnight of His Day comes upon you. Special Request
Mar 2008 Abigail, A Woman with "Good Understanding" The Bible incorporates the stories of many great women. One such woman is Abigail, a good woman who became an important wife of King David. There have been many stories written and many sermons taught on the virtues of Abigail. But, it seems that none of those stories have revealed the wonderful truth of why the Bible records that Abigail was a woman with "Good Understanding". Available
May 2007 The Parable of the Glorious Land The Writing reveals many Biblical mysteries relating to the Day of the Lord. It reveals the significance of what occurred in the Garden of Eden and how that event, coupled with the blessing spoken by Lamech over Noah, reveals secrets from the Scriptures as to events that are about to occur in Israel, including the timing of the deliverance of the Promised Land and the Ezekiel 38 War. The Writing reveals from Scripture why present day Christian evangelists have erred in their interpretation of the Scriptures on 5 very important key items regarding the Seal Judgments. Special Request
Apr 2007 The Parable of the Quick Invitation Explains the hidden mystery of the works and the invitations that the Lord gave to the nation of Israel as He went from Galilee to Jerusalem, arriving in fanfare on what we call Palm Sunday. It also explains the mystery of the second invitaiton to the Great Supper. It explains the keys to why the Lord has said that this will be a Quick Invitaiton given by an angry God. Special Request
Mar 2007 Understanding the Way of the Lord This Writing reviews that our Lord Jesus came to do the Way of the Promises of God that are within His Words to enable the Father to do Good Works for others as we ask of Him. This Writing unlocks many truths in regard to the things that Jesus did, and how they are related to what we are to do in these last days. It reveals the Way of the Lord to do righteousness and justice. It is also reviews as to why it is only by our increasing in the knowledge of His Way that we will be found among the Raptured. Special Request
Jan 2007 He Makes Wise the Simple Explains the way that the Lord desires to make us Wise through the entrance of His Words. It reveals why we presently do not receive the message that the Lord is revealing to us. Special Request
Oct 26, 2007 We Must Get The Faith That Enables His Miracles!!! We Must Get The Faith That Enables His Miracles!!! Available
Aug 14, 2007 Soon you will know who your friends are. Soon you will know who your friends are. Special Request
Aug 4, 2007 The Lost Language of the Ages Has Been Found This Writing reviews from the Scriptures the knowledge of the Pure Language that had been lost and that has now been unlocked. In Zephaniah 3:8-9 the Lord told us that in this Day when He rises up to set apart the nations and to Judge His People, that He will cause us to be changed to His Pure Language so that we are able to call upon His Name with One Shoulder - One Yoke - One Doctrine. The Lord is calling all of His people to come out of their many docttrines and to take up His One Yoke - the Doctrine of Good that comes by the burden of Light, and the Light comes by the entrance of the knowledge of His Words, and that knowledge was lost until now. The Lord desires all of us to come to the knowledge of Truth so that we are able to call upon His Name with one shoulder. In Rev. 19:13 the Lord reveals to us that His Name is the Word of God that He purchased with His blood. The Lord is calling for the end of the denominations of churches. If we do not come out to His Yoke, then He shall cause us to come out by the Ways of Tribulation, for the Appointed Time of the Kingdom of God and the Judgment is now at hand!! Available
Jul 11, 2007 The Kingdom of God is NOT being Discerned!!! The Kingdom of God is NOT being Discerned!!! Available
Jul 2, 2007 The Rider of the Red Horse Brings Forth Fiery Truth This Writing unlocks the Scriptures and reveals the truth of the Second Seal Judgment. This Writing unmasks the Parables of the Bible to reveal that the Second Seal Judgment occurs before the Midnight of the Day of the Lord. Special Request
Jun 29, 2007 The Rider of the White Horse was Not the Antichrist!!! Taylor reveals from the Scriptures that the teaching that the Rider of the White Horse of the First Seal Judgment is the Antichrist is a False Teaching. The First Seal Judgment is the opening of the Words of God and it is the first step in the Lord preparing the people of this Day for the Rapture that will come in the Night of His Day. The Jewish Day begins with the Evening, then the Night comes, then comes the Morning, and then the Day comes. The Rapture will not occur until the Night according to Luke 17:34, and further, there is a Midnight Judgment of the Worthy according to the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Therefore the Rider of the White Horse is not the Antichrist, for the Antichrist cannot emerge until the times of the Day hours of the Day of the Lord. The Rapture will occur in the Night of the Day of the Lord, and not at the beginning of the Day of the Lord. Also Day of the Lord begins with the entrance of the Words of God. Therefore the Rider of the White Horse is the Spirit who opens His Words that are Spirit and they are Life. This is because Paul teaches that all of those who desire to be Raptured must be first washed by the Water of His Words! That Knowledge of Truth - the Knowledge of His Words - had been lost until the Lord called forth a Servant and opened His Words to him and He sent him forth to make known His Words to all the world. Special Request
Jun 18, 2007 Not One Understands The World’s Greatest Treasure Theft Not One Understands The World’s Greatest Treasure Theft Special Request
Nov 2006 The Gift of God Intro Introduction to the Pure Language of God and the Promise of God that each Word contains. Special Request
Nov 2006 America in the Time of the Affliction of Joseph Explains the deceit of America in this Day of the Lord, why America worships the god of Dan that is to soon be destroyed, and reveals the Revival of Truth. Special Request
Aug 2006 The Mystery of the Key Explains the hidden mystery of the Bible’s purpose, and it explains how to unlock the Scriptures so that we can increase in knowledge of the Lord. Available
Nov 2006 The Mystery of Hearing and Seeing Reveals that the 153 Words of God have been closed up and the Scriptures sealed until now because we failed to see and hear. Available
Jul 2006 The Mystery of Life and Death Explains the Creation, Life, as well as the Creation works of God. It also explains the prisons of God and what happens to the unworthy when they die. Available
Jun 2006 The Mystery of the Evening Light Reveals that the Day of the Lord will begin with the Lord – the Light - opening up the understanding of Himself from the Scriptures. Focuses upon America in the Seal Judgments and the Rapture. Special Request
Jun 2006 The Mystery of Love Explains why the Lord established a woman to be as a Helpmate to man and what a woman wants. Also reveals if we do not hear His Words, then we do not Love Jesus & we will not see eternal Life. Available
May 2006 A Testimony of Numbers Throughout the Bible the Lord uses numbers as a testimony to all of His Good Works, His Words, and His Character. The numbers also testify to the design of all that He has created. Numbers have always been considered a cornerstone for verifying, testifying to, the Ways of God. The Lord also uses numbers to bear witness to His Truth, to the Promises He has given to man within His 153 Holy Words. In this book Taylor reveals many great mysteries of the works of God that are testified to through His usage of numbers. This book is an eye opening reveltaion about the ways that the Lord uses numbers and how numbers testify to the Plan and the Will of God, as well as to the Power of God that He has made available to those who truly love His Words, and who love His Will, that is His divine eternal plan for man. Available
Apr 2006 The Greatest Treasure Reveals the existence of the Words of God that are the hidden mystery of the Bible and that is the Good News that Jesus was sent to open again to man. Available
Nov 2005 Understanding the Parable of the Ten Virgins Reveals the End Times, focusing mainly upon the events of the Seal Judgments. Special Request
Jul 2005 The Affliction of Joseph Explains the Day of the Lord and the Seal Judgments Special Request
The following Writings by Floyd E. Taylor are considered as historical treasures. They are the first seven writings that Taylor completed while in captivity. They were written by hand. They are in pencil, or in some cases ink. They are kept in safe keeping. They stand as a testimony to the Way by which the Lord has opened the knowledge of His Words. These Writings are testimony to the Lord's Sign of the Prophet Jonah, and they stand as the confirmation of the Lord giving to man the only sign he was promised to recieve that would make known that the Day of the Lord had come. These Writings have been reviewed by several people. Except for 18 pages that are missing, these seven books are intact. When these books were written, as it was complete each chapter was mailed out for safe keeping. As a result, Taylor was not able to review or consult to any of these books. Taylor wrote each day as the Lord was opening to him the knowledge of His Words and the Good Works that they enable. These books were written without Taylor having access to a computer, or any other peoples materials. These books were written under difficult, and isolated conditions. Using a chemistry book on his lap as a table, a piece of a mechanical pencil, and with two pairs of reading glasses, both broken and both glasses missing parts of their lenses, using the second set of glasses as a magnifier, Taylor completed these books. In some cases the printing on the charts is so small they look like they were type set. Taylor used only a KJV, NKJV, and an Interlinear Bible, and a Strongs Concordance. There were always hundreds of witnesses to Taylor's constant setting on his bunk, studying his Bibles and writing these 7 books. There were over 2,000 witnesses who can testify no one who helped Taylor uncover this knowledge and write these books. There were no helpers nor teachers. Taylor would tell others the questions that he would ask the Lord in the Evening, and then tell them the answer that the Lord made known to him by morning. As Gabriel foretold, the vision of the Evening and the morning is True, Daniel 8:26. Under these circumstances Taylor was diligent to the Lord's call, and through him the Lord made known the greatest mystery of the Bible and the world, knowledge that has been lost since the apostles, likely since the death of the apostle John. It is the plan that these Writings will eventually be made avaialble for public viewing. That will be after the Lord causes the people to come to the realization of, and the knowledge of, these Holy Words of God and His Pure Language have been accepted:
April 2003 OmniLight Explains how the authority of God's wisdom is within all things. He has assigned a number and magnetic property over every single parrticle that exists. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Fall 2003 The Battle Bow Explains how the Voice of God works, and how the Lord uses it to control all of the elements and all things. This was the first book written by Taylor, and it focused on the power of God's voice. It is a type of scientific analysis of how the Lord controls all things by His spoken Words and by scientific laws He hasa established that are not understood by man, but they are real and they are revealed in miracles. This book explains how the Lord has laws that enable all things by the magnetic properties that the Lord has placed in all particles, and by the frequency of His voice He enables all things to be controlled, and through the law of the patterns spoken by His voice. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Winter 2003 Life Explains how everyone who would ever live was created on the third day of Creation, and that we were all given our Season, Time, Family, and Work within the Blessing of the 6th Day. Thus, the seed that becomes the fetus is the manifestation of a life owned by the Lord and given as an inheritance to a particular man and woman with requirements. It reveals how the Bible makes known that our substance is brought into the womb by the Good Work of God, but per the parents choices. Man does not actually understand how the baby is formed in the womb. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Spring 2004 The Truth Explains the Physical Creation and why the Bible says that it is called Truth. The Bible makes known that outside of Truth there is nothing and no one. Fromt he Scriptures Taylor created by hand drawings that reveal the entirety of the physical creation. From the Scriptures this book explains the physical location of each of the five prisons that God has created to punish the wicked, and what happens to the souls of the departed who are sent there after they die on earth. Makes known from the Scriptures why there is no Purgatory. This book also explains from the Scriptures the physical places that God has created that are outside of the World. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Summer 2004 The Way Explains the Way of the Lord in the Bible. This book explains the Way that the Lord desires us to do and keep the Ways of His Words that enable His Promises. It was while writing this book that Taylor began to fully understand that within the Words of God there are Promises that when we do the Way of those Promises, that we enable His Good Works to be done for us. Drawings reveal the entirety of the physical creation. This book also explained from the Scriptures issues of the Eternal Plan of God for man. This book explained from the Scriptures the Way of the Day of the Lord and that at 3 AM we are directly under the Throne of God. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Fall 2004 The Words This was the first book that explained that in the Bible there are Words of Understanding, and that these Words have different meanisng in heaven that are beyond the definiations that we on earth give to these Words. And that these additional meansing given to these certain words selected by God, are fully explained openly within the Scriptures. This Writing explained these Words and gave the list of their meanings. With this Writing Taylor began to unlocked the greatest mystery on all earth, and that is the knoweldge of the Words of God's that are the keys that unlock the power and Promsiess of God. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)     
Fall 2004 The End Times Explains the Book of Revelations and the End Time events. First book to explain the Day of the Lord and the comparison of it to a Jewish Day that lasts 24.5 years. Explains the 14 years of the Seal Judgments, the 7 years of the Trumpet Judgments, and the 3.5 years of the Bowl Judgments. First book to explain and make known from the Scriptures that the rider of the white horse of the 1st Seal Judgment is not the Antichrist, that it is the Lord opening the Words of God to all the world. (Not in Print – Original Only, and it is Hand Written)